Another Scratched Phone Screen? How To Say Goodbye To Cracks & Scratches For Good

Another Scratched Phone Screen? How To Say Goodbye To Cracks & Scratches For Good

Accidents happen and unfortunately, not everyone can keep their phone screens looking as fresh and shiny as it did when you first took it out of the box.

If you are a particularly clumsy individual or a bit accident-prone, hope is in sight. This article will talk about the best way to ensure that you will never have another scratched phone screen again.

Another Screen Bites The Dust

We all know that feeling. You’ve just bought a brand new phone and are so proud of how amazing and sleek it is when all of a sudden, you notice a scratch on the screen after taking it out of your pocket.

Modern smartphones are being built with bigger and better display screens each year. This means lighter devices, more glass and shinier metal. These tech devices do look beautiful but ultimately it only leaves them more delicate and vulnerable to phone scratches and cracks.

Although most smartphones are built to be scratch-resistant this does not mean that they are scratch-proof. Everyone will become a victim of a scratched phone screen during their lifetime but not everyone will be able to afford to buy a replacement or get it professionally repaired.

Say Goodbye To Scratches - Protect Your Phone

If you are wondering how to prevent phone screen scratches, then you are in luck.

One way to ensure that your phone stays looking as wonderful as it did when you first bought it is to make a conscious effort to look after it. We all have a habit of sub-consciously shoving our phones into our pockets or handbags along with our keys and cards. Over time, metal from keys can rub up against phones causing both dents and scratches. By choosing a dedicated pocket to keep phones safely stored in, you can limit the chances of phone damage occurring.

Cleaning your smartphone device on a regular basis can also have a huge benefit in keeping it protected. These devices are hot spots for bacteria and grime due to them almost always being glued to the hands of their owners.  Dirt such as grit or sand is abrasive and can scratch away at the delicate glass of our phone screens. Using a gentle cloth such as our microfiber cloth to clean your phone screen will ensure that it will stay shiny and scratch-free for longer.

Using screen protectors and phone cases can also protect your phone from harm. These accessories are designed to take the brunt of most bumps and dents so that your phone will come out the other end with minimal damage.

Do Not Fear - WHOOSH! Is Here

We know how disheartening it can be when phone scratches occur. The good thing is that our products are specifically designed to keep your devices looking brand spanking new. For example, our Screen Shine is:

  • Safe and suitable for all screens
  • Non-toxic & odourless
  • Resists fingerprints

This powerful and non-toxic cleaner is designed to clean, protect and polish all smartphone screens and is safe to use on screen protectors and cases.

Just Another Squeaky Clean Phone Screen

Scratched and cracked phone screens are the last thing that we want to see. Yet, it’s not impossible to prevent them. By taking extra care of how we use and store our phones can make all the difference to ensuring our screens come to no harm.