tech hygiene innovators

You brush your teeth and you wash your hands, now what about your screens?
your phone is 10x dirtier than a public toilet seat!
Everything you touch ends up on your phone. Now we're not judging; we're all occasionally guilty of toilet texting, using your tablet for a recipe after cutting raw meat, or... well you get it . All of that ends up on our tech.

Let's face it; we use our tech devices everywhere: the restroom, the gym, where we eat, we even sleep with them.

WHOOSH! is the next generation of clean, and our clean products make it easy for you to practice good tech hygiene on the go.

Frankly, it would be gross not to.


WHOOSH! is a leading specialty cleaning products manufacturer in North America. We design products that keep all your devices and electronic screens really clean!


Your family, your device, and the environment are all important to us. Which is why we manufacture products that are free of alcohol, ammonia, dyes, and fragrances that you can use on all your tech devices


Our products will leave the surface of your screen clean of dust, dirt, oil, gunk and fingerprints. That’s really clean! We’re always working to ensure our products gently clean every screen and device.