Kids Are Gross: Why You Need a Screen Cleaner for Your Phone

Kids Are Gross: Why You Need a Screen Cleaner for Your Phone

We have kids. We love our kids. But let’s face it. Kids are pretty gross. Is it just us, or are they sticky all the time?

That stickiness seems to get transferred to every surface in your home — including the surface of your laptops, tablets and phones. Whether it’s your device or your kids’ device, it probably has a layer of sticky stuff on it.

This grossness can be the cost of doing business when you need a moment’s peace during a long, patience-testing line at the grocery store or during a road trip that’s stuck in traffic.

The Germs Kids Bring Home

There’s more to dirty phones than just fingerprints and sticky spots.

There are germs. Lots of them.

School playgrounds, daycares and classrooms are breeding grounds for all sorts of disease-causing microbes. And those bugs can easily hitch a free ride on your kids’ hands, into your home and soon enough, onto your phone. Some of them are common and easy to treat, while others are more serious and aggressive.

The Germs and Microbes That Make a Home on Your Phone

  • Cold/Flu viruses
  • Staphylococcus
  • Streptococcus
  • MRSA
  • E. coli
  • C. Difficile

If you’re in good health and wash your hands regularly, you’re probably not going to get sick from one of the more serious germs mentioned above. But only if your kids follow your lead. Consistent handwashing will keep your kids’ hands and your devices germ-free, and reduce your chances of getting sick. 

Faulty Hygiene: How Kids Spread Germs to Phones With Ease

There are plenty of ways that kids gunk up devices.

Potty training: We know, they get bored. Toilet-texters in the making. 

Sneezing/coughing on everything. You told them to cover their mouths. You just didn’t say with what. 

All the sharing. Sure, you encourage sharing. But that doesn’t mean the whole soccer team has to watch that video on YOUR phone while they eat orange slices. Seriously, why can’t one person hold the device when multiple people watch? 

Eating while playing. Popsicles, cupcakes, pancakes with syrup. Apparently, they need to snack on the messiest food possible while playing Minecraft. 

Dog ‘kisses’: No one likes being licked by dogs as much as kids. Dog licks kid, kid touches phone. Or, dog smells that syrup on your phone and goes straight to the source. Gross. 

I’m not going to pretend that we made WHOOSH! specifically to combat this stuff, but it’s a perfect solution for kid-related phone dirt and germs.

I know a lot of parents who appreciate that our products are non-toxic and ammonia- and alcohol-free, so they’re safe for the entire family and all of your screens. And they’re still powerful enough to be part of your dirt- and germ-busting arsenal.

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaners to Fight Germs, Stains and Dirt

Screen Shine: This non-toxic cleaner is the perfect treatment for a smartphone screen that could use a polish. Not only does it polish screens, it also resists dust, smudges, oils and fingerprints.

Microfiber Cloths: Our microfiber cloth kills off bacteria that can cause odors, while also removing dirt and dust. These antimicrobial cloths come in a range of sizes, and you can use them for various surfaces.

Sanitech: This powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant kills a variety of germs including bacteria, mold and mildew, and viruses. Even drug-resistant ones (like MRSA). Plus it’s non-toxic and safe for devices, making it unlike any other spray.

They’ll Be Clean, Someday…

Kids grow out of their grossness eventually (right…?). Until then, maybe show them how to wipe those phones and tablets down themselves.

I know, wishful thinking. At least it only takes a second to do it yourself.

- Jason Greenspan, founder of WHOOSH!