Have A New High Definition TV? Our Guide To Cleaning Your TV With Care

Have A New High Definition TV? Our Guide To Cleaning Your TV With Care

Where would we be without TVs? With Netflix viewing rates going through the roof each year, our generation is one that loves to relax in front of the TV on a daily basis. Today’s generation loves nothing more than relishing in a new binge-worthy television series or spending hours in front of their TV playing high-resolution video games on their newest games console.

Many people have invested in HDTVs in recent years but don’t know how to clean them. This article will guide you on the best way to clean your tv screen and keep them viewing friendly.

Step Away From The Water: Cleaning Methods That Harm TVs

The worst thing that you can do when cleaning your HDTV screen is to use the wrong cleaning product. Doing so will risk not only the value of your TV and its functionality but, it will also mean the end to many enjoyable TV viewing opportunities.

Many will instinctively reach for a glass cleaning product or even plain tap water when cleaning a TV screen. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

There are many harsh chemical cleaning products on the market that have the potential to strip and harm the protective layer that is on TV screens. Cleaning products such as Windex that contain ammonia or alcohol should be avoided at all costs when cleaning your HDTV screen. It is also important not to spray liquid such as water directly on to the screen. Doing this can cause excess liquid to run down the screen and potentially come into contact with the TV’s internal hardware.

Materials such as paper or kitchen towels are far too rough and abrasive for cleaning the screen of a TV. These cleaning tools, when combined with enough pressure, can scratch the protective coating of the screen and will leave streaks on your HDTV screen.  

Our Guide To A Squeaky Clean TV Screen

The good news is that there are cleaning tricks you can use to ensure that your HDTV, Plasma and LCD screens stay clean and safe.

Cleaning your TV screen doesn’t have to be a chore. Using the right products such as a dry microfibre cloth, like the W! Cloth, and wiping the screen lightly will get rid of any dust and dirt particles that are on your TV screen. Make sure not to use circular buffing motions but rather wipe up and down the screen in vertical lines.

For stubborn spots, consider spraying a small amount of an ammonia and alcohol-free cleaning product on to a microfiber cloth. For example, Screen Shine is a non-toxic cleaning product designed to both clean and protect your HDTV screen. It leaves an invisible and anti-static coating which resists dust, dirt and smudges.

Most importantly, always make sure that your TV, whether an HDTV or an LCD, is turned off before you begin to clean it. Not only is it easier to see any dirt that is on your TV screen but you will also reduce the risk of an electric shock happening.

A Clean HDTV Is A Viewing Friendly Screen

Nobody enjoys when there are smudges or streaks on their TV screen, especially if they are permanent due to not cleaning your TV correctly. So, the next time you are watching TV take some time to see how the dirty the screen really is. The right cleaning products and a little TLC is a small price to pay for a clean and viewing friendly HDTV screen.