Cleaning Your DSLR Camera: The Right And Wrong Way To Do It

Cleaning Your DSLR Camera: The Right And Wrong Way To Do It

For all photography fanatics, having a clean camera is a top priority especially when they rely on a clean lens to take a good photo. This article will talk about the right and wrong ways people should be aware of when cleaning their DSLR camera.

DSLR Camera: Keep Your Images Crystal Clear

DSLR cameras are wonderful pieces of machinery and with so much heavy use in the field of photography, they are bound to start looking a little worse for wear after time. Many photography lovers often neglect the maintenance side which means that their cameras could do with a much-needed spring cleaning. Without regular cleaning, dust and grubby fingerprints can build upon the body and lenses of cameras, not only affecting their appearance but also the quality of images. So, in order to keep your images crystal clear, cleaning your DSLR camera is a must.

The Importance Of A Clean Camera Lens & Sensors

The camera lens and sensor are the most vital and vulnerable parts of a camera. Although you can buy protectors for your camera lens, this doesn’t mean that it will be as well protected as you would like. One great thing about a DSLR camera is the flexibility it gives you to change lenses as much as you want to match the scenario you are shooting in. However, even in those few seconds between changing lenses, hundreds of particles of dust and dirt can enter your camera and affect the quality of both the lens and sensor. If left unattended, the lenses can begin to deteriorate as will the quality of any photographs you take.

Have you ever captured images and then noticed small dots appearing in the same place? This means that dirt and grime have infiltrated the interior of your camera and is now building upon the image sensor. Leaving this dirty and not cleaning it is basically a crime in the photography world. The bottom line here is that without a clean camera lens and sensor, your DSLR camera won’t be winning you any photography prizes.

Cleaning A DSLR Camera: The Dos And Don’ts

The good news is that there are easy methods and tools to make your camera shiny and clean again. However, there are also some very wrong ways too. Below we talk about the dos and don’ts of cleaning your DSLR.  

Don’t use any materials or cloths that are too abrasive or coarse. If you use a cloth such as a paper towel, it could leave behind fibers and cause scratches to any glass surface. Try using a dry microfiber cloth such as the W! Cloth instead. This will be much gentler on your camera and will attract any dust or dirt that is sitting on the body or lens of the camera.

Cleaning the lens and sensor of a camera can feel like a daunting task especially because of how delicate they are. Firstly, you will need to blow away as much of the small particles as possible before using a soft microfiber cloth. A squeeze bulb is the best tool for doing this. Never use canned air or air compressors as these can blast the camera lens and crack the glass. Then using a soft cloth, wipe your lens in concentric circles starting from the centre and moving outward.

If there are particular areas of dirt and grime on your camera that aren’t budging, spray your cloth with an alcohol and ammonia-free solution such as ScreenShine. Many people think that it is ok to use a soapy solution. However, a soapy solution is more harmful and can take longer to dry making your dirtier in the process.

A Happy Camera Means A Happy Photographer

No photographer likes when their images come out blurry or of poor quality after spending hours shooting photos. So, the next time you pick up your DSLR camera, take a few minutes to make sure that it is fully clean. After all, a happy and clean camera will make you a happy photographer.