Why WHOOSH! is the King of Phone Cleaners

Why WHOOSH! is the King of Phone Cleaners

Let’s talk about what makes WHOOSH!, WHOOSH!

WHOOSH! is no ordinary phone sanitizer. It’s the next generation of clean.

Here’s what makes WHOOSH! Screen Shine different:

  • It’s non-toxic. It contains no alcohol and no ammonia.
  • It’s completely safe. Because it’s non-toxic, it’s safe for your entire family. It’s formulated for use on devices, so it won’t harm your tech.
  • It has so many uses. Use it on your phones, tablets, computers, TVs and eyeglasses.
  • It’s insanely effective. Your screen will look and feel brand new after using Screen Shine. 

How to Clean Your Phone With WHOOSH! Screen Shine

Making your devices shine like new is as simple as 1-2-3.  Simply spray, clean and polish.

Our microfiber cloth is treated with an antimicrobial agent, which stops odor-causing bacteria from developing. You can use our cloth on its own between Screen Shine cleanings to quickly remove dust and smudges. 

Cleaning Your Phone Has Never Been So Easy

Screen Shine has so many uses. Whether you need to clean your Apple Watch after your morning run, wipe your coffee-drenched phone or polish your TV screen before movie night, we have the solution for you.

Available in a variety of sizes, you can have a car Screen Shine, an office Screen Shine, a kitchen Screen Shine, and so on.

Visit our Screen Shine page to learn more about the benefits of cleaning your phone.