ultra premium
microfiber cloths

The W! cloth is made of premium woven microfiber that’s been protected by Protx2  to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. That means our cloths don’t smell!

Plus, microfiber is ultra-fine — 50 to 100 times thinner than human hair. The tiny woven loops make it easy for our cloths to pick up and hold microscopic dirt, dust, and gunk.



Does the WHOOSH! cloth have to be used in conjuction with Screen Shine?

Nope! You can use the W! cloth on your device without Screen Shine to buff and polish between Screen Shine cleanings.

Will the color of the fabric rub off on my fingers, clothes or devices?

No need to worry! The W! cloth has been tested for colorfastness to wetting (using Screen Shine and plain old water), washing and crocking (that’s when you rub the fabric against something). 

How long will the microfiber treatment last on the cloth?

Your cloth will maintain its treatment for up to 50 washes. It has been embedded in the fibers of the cloth, so it’s in there to stay!

How do I wash the included microfiber cloth?

Machine wash in warm or cold water using detergent (do not use fabric softener), then hang to dry (do not use your drying machine). Do not dry clean or use bleach.