Keep your phone from being the dirtiest thing you touch all day with this simple item

Keep your phone from being the dirtiest thing you touch all day with this simple item

You may have heard the screens on your phones and tablets are dirtier than most toilet seats. Studies conducted by BuzzFeed and many other outlets have concluded this is often the case.

We have no problem touching a grimy subway pole and then pulling out our phones to play "Pokémon Go!," but then we press our phones against our cheeks — and that's when things start to get gross.

Wetting a paper towel with water or Windex is the go-to cleaning method for most people, but water doesn't get rid of germs and several leading cleaners can damage your screen.

I recently tested out WHOOSH! Screen Shine, a non-toxic solution that was made with your gadgets in mind, and it actually kept my phone's screen clean for days at a time. 

I used an adenosine triphosphate (or ATP) detector on my phone's screen both before and after applying the cleaner. The gadget swabs your screen, detects, and measures the amount of actively growing microorganisms (or bacteria) on it. According to the test, an ATP rating below 10 is clean, 11 to 19 is dirty, and anything above that is disgusting. My phone's screen received an initial rating of 21, and I consider myself a pretty clean person.

Not only did using the cleaner on my phone instantly eliminate the bulk of the bacteria living on it, my phone was still noticeably clean days later. The solution supposedly leaves a nano-coating on your screen to eliminate dust, smudges, and fingerprints as well. I could still see some fingerprints when I tilted my phone a certain way, but I use my phone for everything — texts, emails, Netflix — and a few errant smudges don't bother me.