Your phone is a germ epicenter.

Your phone is a germ epicenter.

Phones make virus germs mobile. 

Your phone may be a lot more dangerous than you think it is. “Everything you touch ends up on your phone” As the Tech Hygiene Movement leaders, we’ve been yelling this statement from the rooftops for a while. Here’s something to think about your cell phone makes viruses too mobile.

Your phone is essentially your third arm.

Picture this; you encounter someone who happens to spread their germs to you through a cough or sneeze, that germ makes its way to your hand. On your commute home, you use your phone for a bit to kill time. Before you get on the bus, you put your phone in your pocket and take those germs home. When you arrive at home, you wash your hands, but you take your phone out again; now, those germs are your hands. While you interact with your family over dinner, you’ve successfully have spread those germs throughout your home.

Your phone is a germ epicenter. 

Mobile phones create perfect situations where viruses like coronavirus can move quickly. You’re always touching things all the time and transmitting those germs to your phone. A 2016 study from Dscout states the average cellphone user touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day. That’s 2,617 possible times germs can be spread to your phone and back to you or your loved ones.

It’s not just phones.

Everything we touch can have germs transmitted to it, like your tablet, work laptop, smartwatch, and glasses. How often do you clean these things? Practice cleaning your technology (especially your phone) as much as you wash your hands to prevent viruses from spreading as much as possible. You can use a cleaner like WHOOSH! Screen Shine, which is specifically designed to leave your screen 99.99% cleaner than it was before.