Tech Hygiene Is The Newest Love Language

Tech Hygiene Is The Newest Love Language
You may be familiar with love languages, such as physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and receiving gifts. 


Let us tell you why.

Buying someone WHOOSH! products show that you care. 

1. It keeps their tech looking newer, longer.

There’s just something special about that new tech feeling. By gifting them WHOOSH!, you’re giving them that feeling whenever they want it!

2. It can be used on more than just screens.

It can be used on glasses, consoles, cars, etc.
WHOOSH! will work on so many of their items and devices, and they can bring it with them anywhere!

3. You want to protect them from germs.

It shows you care about their tech hygiene!

4. You don’t want them getting sick.

Wanting to protect your loved ones from getting sick with a product that also helps with all the points above, is exactly what this love language is about!


If this isn’t enough to convince you to show your loved one you care with WHOOSH!, we have a BOGO offer on all of our Screen Shine sprays - So you can show them you care.