Screen Shine vs UV Device Cleaner

Screen Shine vs UV Device Cleaner

You’re not the first person to wonder if WHOOSH! Tech Hygiene products are as good (or better) than high-end device sanitation products.

To give you confidence that we’re the best solution on the market in 2021, we’ve done the research for you.

Here are four simple reasons why WHOOSH! Tech Hygiene products should be your number one choice for keeping gross and potentially harmful bacteria off of your phone screen:

Better For Your Health

UV light is perfectly safe for your devices. However, they are known to be harmful to humans and have been attributed to a higher risk of skin cancer. 


A UV device cleaner can cost you upwards of $50, and many brands do not carry a warranty. If your UV device does not work (which happens all the time), you’ll be out $50 with no recourse, and your device will still be dirty!


When you want a clean device, odds are you want it now! UV Sanitizers take 3 minutes or longer to clean your device. 

More Versatile

UV Sanitizer boxes are only made for smaller hand-held devices. That means your laptop, desktop monitors, tv’s and tablets will not be getting sanitized by these pricey lightboxes.

WHOOSH! products aim to simplify and make Tech Hygiene safe and affordable with a simple two-step cleaning system.

Just spray and wipe—no need to worry about expensive or bulky accessories that you need to lug around!


When you think “Tech Hygiene,” WHOOSH! is the only all-in-one solution.


WHOOSH! is now offering an ALL-NEW Tech Hygiene product: Sanitech 

Sanitech is a sanitizing spray that is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.99% of harmful viruses and bacteria on your devices and surfaces.

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