How DIRTY Are Your Kids’ Devices?

How DIRTY Are Your Kids’ Devices?

Kids are cute, but they aren’t always the cleanest. And by “aren’t always”, we mean pretty much never. We love them, even though they’re messy. 

They’re still learning good hygiene, now more than ever, since they’re growing up during a global pandemic.

Germs are EVERYWHERE, and it’s important that your kids are safe.

What’s Wrong With Kids’ Hygiene?

What do we mean when we say kids are messy? 

Kids are curious. They like to touch everything, put things in their mouth that definitely should NOT be in there, and they’re somehow always sticky and “forget” to wash their hands. 

As the saying goes, curiosity makes hands (and screens) sticky and gross. 

How Do WE Keep Them Safe?

Kids are always going to be exposed to germs. It’s part of being a kid. At school, at the park, at home.

Luckily, good hygiene becomes a habit after a while. With the right role models (that’s where you come in), and good tools (we can handle this), your kids can learn to keep themselves and their devices clean.

What’s The Solution?

WHOOSH! Products are non-toxic and ammonia/alcohol-free, meaning they’re safe for the entire family and all of your screens. The best part is that they’re even tougher on the germs that put you at risk than anything else you could use to clean your devices.

If you need some guidance on what the BEST option is for keeping your increasingly important devices clean, here’s a quick rundown:

Screen Shine: A non-toxic cleaner, the perfect treatment when your smartphone screen could use a little extra flair. It polishes screens, and resists dirt and smudges. 

Microfiber Cloths: These remove dirt and dust while killing off the bacteria that cause odours. They come in various sizes, and can be used on a bunch of surfaces. Wash them and use them over and over!

Sanitech: A powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant that DESTROYS germs like bacteria, mold and mildew, and viruses (Important right now, no?). It sets itself apart from other sprays, because it’s non toxic and safe for devices!

Kids eventually grow up, and grow out of their bad hygiene habits (when presented with cleaner ones), but you can keep them safe for now. WHOOSH! has your back, so you can take matters into your own hands!