3 Reasons Tech Hygiene™ Can Enhance Your Life!

3 Reasons Tech Hygiene™ Can Enhance Your Life!

Dust, dirt— Oh My!

If you don’t clean your smartphone or laptop, you are doing a major disservice to your devices and your health. When thinking about how to take care of our devices, tech hygiene is a big consideration. Tech hygiene refers to the proper care of ALL your devices. If you aren’t cleaning your devices daily (inside and out), you aren’t doing it enough. When it comes to digital gadgets, a little cleanliness outside goes a long way.  


3 reasons why adding tech hygiene into your daily cleaning routine can enhance your life: 

  1. Feel GREAT about cleaning. 

Tech hygiene prevents overheating and improves the speed of your gadgets. Dust may be a nuisance in the house, but it can also clog the vents and fans on your PC or a laptop. These gadgets start overheating, slowing down their performance. 

If you want to feel good about your device, invest in WHOOSH!. The instant you use WHOOSH our cleaner works to break down oils and dust on smartphones and other tech screens. 

  1. Helps Prevent Illness 

Good hygiene practices reduce the spread of infectious diseases and viruses. While you are washing your hands, make sure you extend the efforts to your tablet, smartphone, and computer. Bacteria breed on phone screens, keyboards, mainly when they are shared. 

When it comes to disinfecting your smartphone, there are few cleaners that are safe and WHOOSH! Is the industry leader. Whether you want to help prevent yourself or family from having bacterial infection, flu, or risk of COVID19, tech hygiene must be maintained. 

  1. Will Save You $$$

Having routine tech hygiene procedures for your devices saves you money. Dust and dirt are enemies to your devices. Dirt, thickens and can block important components like fans and speakers which can destroy your device. By ensuring your devices are always clean you will not have to spend money on maintenance and replacements.

WHOOSH! keeps your devices polished and leaves no harmful residue. A device that is well maintained is likely to save you money down the road.

If you didn’t notice, we clearly can’t talk about tech hygiene without mentioning WHOOSH! the leading and powerful cleaner that is tailored to wipe away dust, grime and dirt from devices.

Don’t take our word for it, try WHOOSH! today. You can thank us later.