Screen Shine Wipes 12 PACK

Screen Shine Wipes 12 PACK

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  • A POWERFUL SCREEN CLEANER specifically designed to not only clean all your cell phone and consumer electronic screens but make them shine like they've just been unboxed. 
  • It's NON-TOXIC & ODOURLESS FORMULA makes it safe for you, your screen and your family. Plus, it's Alcohol & Ammonia free. 
  • SAFE FOR ALL SCREENS (all smartphones and tech device screens). Using WHOOSH! Screen Shine Wipes combined with our exclusive 2-in-1 antimicrobial cloth will not harm, damage, scratch screens of any kind. 
  • Our proprietary formula leaves a nano-thin, invisible coating that resists dust, dirt, oils & fingerprints. But if you just ate a greasy hamburger results may vary.  

Safe for kids and pets: WHOOSH! Screen Shine Wipes will keep your screens clean without any harmful residues to worry about transferred from or to your fingers. 


  • 12 Screen Shine Wipes  
  •  1 W! Mini Microfiber antimicrobial cloths