About Us

Cleaning up life's dirty moments

WHOOSH! is defining the next generation of clean. Leveraging the latest advancements in chemistry technology & formula development, WHOOSH! creates innovative, powerful & safer solutions to clean life's dirty moments.
Our current focus is creating a new category of clean - Tech Hygiene and is revolutionizing how consumers keep their digital screens, devices and gadgetsclean, polished and protected.
Shine on!

We started out making non-toxic and enviromentally safe auto-detailing products.

Jason accidentally knocked the all-in-one spray quick wash for cars on to his iPad and when he wiped it off it "shined" like new.

We shared the story with a friend who suggested we market test at the Consumer Electronics Show.

So, we hand labelled and filled thousands of samples and off to CES we went and we were recognized a CES