Kids are Gross.

October 20, 2016

Kids are Gross.

When I was a kid, if I told my dad I was bored he would tell me to go play in traffic.

I think Dads used to be grumpier than they are now. Maybe it helps that we carry entertainment machines in our pockets so kids aren’t asking, “how much longer?” every five minutes.

Whether it’s your device or your kids’, it probably has a layer of sticky stuff on it because, let’s face it, kids are gross. This grossness can be the cost of doing business if you want a moment’s peace in a long line at the grocery store or a food orders taking too long at a restaurant.

You love your kids, but seriously. Yuck.

There are a lot of ways kids gunk up your stuff (and theirs)

  • Potty training. We know, they get bored and this is further proof that our kids will grow up to be just like us because we all toilet text at one time or another.
  • You told them to cover their mouths. You just didn’t say with what. 
  • Sure, you encourage sharing. But that doesn’t mean everyone on the soccer team has to watch that video on your phone while they eat orange slices. Seriously, why can’t one person hold the device when multiple people watch?
  • Popsicles, cupcakes, pancakes with syrup. Apparently they need to snack on the messiest food possible while playing Minecraft.
  • They’ll have sticky hands for the next three months.
  • Kids are the only people who enjoy being licked by dogs. And then they touch your stuff…and if there is syrup on your phone that same dog is going to go direct to the source of the deliciousness. Gross.

I’m not going to pretend that we made WHOOSH! specifically to combat this stuff, but I know a lot of parents who appreciate the fact that our products are non-toxic, ammonia- and alcohol-free, so they’re safe for all of your family and all of your screens.

I have no idea how long it will take you teach them good hygiene (at least you’re trying, right?), but at the same time you’re teaching them to go into the toilet and not on it, or to blow their nose into Kleenex and not their hands or shirt, maybe you could show them how to wipe that phone down. 

I know, wishful thinking. At least it only takes a second to do it yourself.



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